Elixir Cookbook

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This book is for the beginner and intermediate Elixir programmer who have moved beyond basics and want a quick reference for day to day coding tasks.

Inside, you’ll find complete recipes for more than a dozen topics. Each recipe contains code samples you can easily include to your app.

Topics include:

  • Working with Strings and numbers
  • Using regex
  • Lists
  • Maps
  • Files and I/O
  • Http
  • Mix
  • Iex

Topics in progress

  • OTP ( Genservers, Agents, Tasks)
  • processes
  • ecto
  • Phoenix
  • Dates
  • XML

This book is a work in progress, I will be adding more recipes in the coming weeks and months. Currently only pdf is available, i will be providing epub version in the next couple of weeks.

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You'll get a 45 page pdf

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$10 $6

Elixir Cookbook

0 ratings
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